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Wednesday, 01 March 2017 23:36

Honest Accomplice Theatre released the first episodes of The Trans Literacy Project: Trans 101

Written by  Holly Samson

trans literacy project


In light of the recent election results, Honest Accomplice Theatre (HAT) launches The Trans Literacy Project. In these videos you can hear trans people speaking to the things they find important for others to know.

While a seemingly simple concept, this is one of the first web series about trans people’s experiences from the perspective of trans people. Now more than than ever we must educate ourselves and work towards inclusion. Honest Accomplice Theatre believes human connection and dialogue are key to understanding and creating more inclusive communities. The first episode, "Trans 101," focuses on basic terms, definitions, and questions people usually have for transgender people.

The Trans Literacy Project is a free videos series created and produced by Honest Accomplice Theatre, written by Maybe Burke, Maggie Keenan-Bolger, and Rachel Sullivan with the HAT Ensemble, and filmed by Andrew Keenan-Bolger to provide communities with an accessible education about trans experiences, from the perspective of trans people.

Honest Accomplice Theatre

Addressing topics such as pronoun usage, acceptable questions, and how to be an ally, the series is a valuable resource for trans people to both ease the burden of education, and create a space to explore issues facing the trans community. HAT surveyed hundreds of people to find the topics most trans people wanted to cover, and learn what our allies wanted to hear about. HAT has accompanying workshops for schools, organizations, and businesses.

Honest Accomplice Theatre’s mission is to drive individual acceptance among and incite community dialogue about women and trans people by exploring, topics that are often silenced, seen as shameful, or portrayed as one-dimensional.

Here is the trailer  and the first epiosde of The Trans Literacy Project:

Subscribe to HAT’s YouTube page to know when new episodes are released:


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