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Thursday, 30 May 2013 22:11

LezGossip: Is Philippine Singer Charice Lesbian?

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One of the current rumour concerns the Philippine singer Charice and her sexuality after she changed her look. Turn on your gaydars!

Charice Charice is a very famous singer in Philippines but she also played Sunshine Corazon in the TV series 'Glee' and was recently one of the four judges of the Philippine version of 'The X Factor' on ABS-CBN.


As you can see with the pictures, Charice was very femme before to decide a change. She has now a very boyish look with a short hairstyle, wearing masculine outfits, and some tattoos.


According to Aceshowbiz, the mother of the singer told ABS-CBN, she's allowing her daughter to "confirm her real identity" and she will be by her side every step of the way.


"What my heart and mind is telling me as a mother is to allow her to reveal her real gender preference. Whatever path she wants to take, because that is where she would find happiness. I will respect what she will reveal to the public because it is through that disclosure that she will find happiness and liberation."


No need of more details to launch the rumour on Charice's sexuality and that's not really difficult to answer the question: is she lesbian or not? What do you think?


Congratulations to Charice, the most important is to be who you are.


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