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Tuesday, 10 February 2015 16:52

Manitoba, Canada Allows Transgender People To Change Their Gender Without Surgery

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Since the beginning of February, the transgender people in the Manitoba region in Canada can change their gender on their registrations and certificates without going through surgery.

Until now, it was impossible for a transgender person to change the gender without surgery, but after several meetings of health-care professionals, it was decided that it was necessary to change that.

Now, only a statutory declaration of the change, along with a letter from a health-care professional will be required before changing the identity documents.

«This is a very sensitive and personal issue for transgendered Manitobans seeking to change their identity documents, and we want to make the process as respectful and fair as possible,» NDP cabinet minister Ron Lemieux said in a statement.

«I'm proud that Manitoba is taking these important steps to make this process more fair and respectful, and align with human rights codes legislation.»

However, this change only applies to Manitobans and not to all Canadians.


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