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Thursday, 26 October 2017 23:32

The Village Metropolitan Community Church appointed the first non-binary pastor

Written by 

 Reverend Peta Evans


Brighton Village Metropolitan Community Church has appointed the first ever non-binary pastor.

These are members of the LGBT community who created this church. Founded in 1968, the Metropolitan Community Church movement supports the inclusion of LGBT people in parishes.

"Returning to Brighton, I am excited to serve again in the community which first welcomed me and supported me in both my ministry journey and my gender transition," Reverend Peta Evans said.

"I would love to see the sincere passion and integrity of The Village MCC reach out even more widely to people of all ages, gender identities and walks of life."

Rev. Evans plans to create ReTranslation, a group for transgender people "to look at the text for themselves without past interpretations getting in the way."

Brighton Church becomes the first one to welcome a non-binary pastor in the world.


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