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Thursday, 04 October 2018 16:26

A gay couple of penguins kidnapped a chick thinking that it was in danger

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gay penguins chick odense zoo


The kidnapping took place in the Odense Zoo in Denmark. While the chick's mother had gone for a swim, and while the father, who was expected to stay with the baby, had gone for a walk, a gay couple immediately grabbed the abandoned chick and led it to a safe place.

Sandie Hedegård Munck, an animal keeper at the zoo, “could see that there was something wrong” reports the Danish publication DR.

“The only parent couple was gone and the kid had simply been kidnapped. There were a couple of homosexual males who had snatched the kid and stood with it,” she added.

Among parents penguins, there is always a parent who goes to drink, eat and seek food for the baby while the other parent is still near the chick. Here, the father seems not to have worried about the baby. Then, it seems that the disappearance of their child didn't worry the parents a lot, they didn't seek too much to found it.

“I think the female has been out to get her bath, so then it was the male’s turn to care for the kid.

“He may have left, leading the couple to think: ‘That’s a pity, we’re snapping.'

“I know that the female is very caring for the kid, and she is also very aggressive to us animal lovers if we get too close to the kid,” explained Munck, “so I could not have imagined she would leave it.”

“The male is a bit more relaxed and might find it hard to search too much.”

The zookeeper decided to return the chick to its biological parents. It wasn't easy because the gay daddies fought to keep it. I know it's sad but the zookeeper have decided to give an abandoned egg to them, so they will have their own baby soon.


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