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Monday, 02 December 2013 22:28

Actress Maria Bello Reveals Her Same-Sex Relationship

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Actress Maria Bello, who recently played in 'Prisoners', publicly revealed to be in a same-sex relationship with someone called Clare in a New York Times essay "Coming Out as a Modern Family" published on Sunday.

So she didn't come out as lesbian as a lot of media wrote, Bello called for a broader definition of sexuality and love: "I have never defined myself by whom I slept with," Bello wrote, "but I know others have and would."

"I would like to consider myself a ‘whatever,’ as Jackson (her son) said," she wrote. "Whomever I love, however I love them, whether they sleep in my bed or not, or whether I do homework with them or share a child with them, ‘love is love.’ And I love our modern family. Maybe, in the end, a modern family is just a more honest family," she adds.

The actress reveals to ask herself many questions before deciding to publicly talk about her relationship: "First, how would it affect my son?" she asked. "Second, how would it affect my career?"

Read the full essay here: Coming Out as a Modern Family


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