Friday, 06 April 2012 20:21

Breaking Through Limitations

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Dear Sappho,

I don’t understand why so many GLBTQ people feel limited by their sexual identity. It seems like heterosexuals are really the ones limited to duality and strict gender conformity, whereas GLBTQ people are free to reinvent themselves in new genders and genres.  How about a pep talk for the homo team?


Dear Advocate,

You are absolutely right that GLBTQ people do reinvent themselves in both new genders and genres, but it may be more out of survival, or necessity than freedom. There are been countless efforts to eradicate homosexuality, long considered a weed in the garden of humanity. I see it has a naturally occurring random flowering act of nature.

Look at how the media and the church have influenced strict male female roles and behaviors, that not only tie and bind homosexuals but heterosexuals as well. The media is gradually expanding its limited definitions of sexual role-playing. The government is beginning to recognize that DOMA is unconstitutional, however, they, the church, the government, the media see it as a problem yet to be solved.

Many GLBTQ people, especially older ones have been limited in their ability to freely express themselves. Have you heard about the baby elephant held down by chains in it’s youth, who stops trying to escape once it’s big enough to break through, having given up long before.

The resiliency and creativity of GLBTQ people is a testimony to their, our, ability to honor our natural instincts and to break through the limitations of emotional blackmail and gender expectations. Many brave GLBTQ people have fought long and hard and sacrificed all to achieve the recognition and basic human rights we know today.

Equality for all is the goal. Be brave, dare to be your self. Love with real love, live your life being true to yourself. You know you will regret it if you don’t! You, as much as anyone know that your love is both right and blessed.

Break through the limitations holding you back from your best possible life. Pursue yourself! Admire your progress celebrate your contributions to the human race. Break through the logic and restrictions of limited perception. But please use love as your liberating tool.