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Sunday, 02 February 2014 00:00

Emma de Caunes Reveals Her Bisexuality

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 emma de caunes



In an interview with the magazine "JeanneJeanne," the French actress Emma de Caunes reveals her bisexuality.

Responding to various questions both on equal marriage, adoption by same-sex couples and the insemination, de Caunes frankly said: "I am for progressive laws [...]. We stagnated too long on archaic positions, it was time to be opened to things which already exist."

"When people know how to love each other, I do not see the problem. As long as the child receives love, there is no reason that the result of their love is not legal”, she adds.

Finally, when asked about insemination, Emma de Caunes "finds that completely legitimate that two women want to have a child" before revealing she's bisexual: "I had a lot of homosexual experiences and I consider myself a bisexual. That was never a problem for me. The pleasure is very opened, nothing is fixed."


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