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Friday, 27 July 2012 21:12

Evolving from Homosapiens to Homonoeticus

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Dear Sappho,

It seems like the human race has devolved since your time on the planet. Heterosexuality was not compulsive and the arts flourished. Now we have global warming, mass violence and corporate greed destroying the fabric of our society. You didn’t have guns and now guns in the US kill 30,000 people every year. Please tell me how you see humanity surviving into the future. 


Dear Hopeless,

I believe that we are constantly, incrementally evolving as spiritual beings through having human experiences. From the Neanderthals 200, 000 years ago to Cro Magnon 40 thousand years ago - to Homosapiens, ten thousand years ago, we have evolved as a human species capable of love, learning, art and purpose. All humans are currently classified as Homosapiens. We are currently in the process of evolving from Homosapiens to Homonoeticus. We are becoming more advanced and multidimensional, as predicted in the Age of Aquarius.

Think of the human potential to develop extra sensory perceptions like teleportation, telepathy, and the ability to see, feel and work with energy beyond the limitations of the five senses. Noeticus come from the Greek word nous or intuitive knowing. Quantum physics is currently exploring the possibilities of parallel universes and multiple realities. Consciousness is slowly expanding to include everything that we experience, know, and are aware of. It is a bigger and more complex world. We can see the cosmos with a Hubble telescope.

Science now tells us that homosexuality is not a personal choice but a variation of chromosomal, social and genetic factors. Empathy, the ability to identify with the feelings, thoughts or consciousness of others has increased. The modern world has more empathy for those less fortunate. The empathy gap used to explain why bullies cannot identify with the oppression they are inflicting on others is closing. Bullying was once the cornerstone to enforcing heterosexuality and religious conformity. Society still unconsciously uses bullies to justify social and cultural norms, however bullying is becoming less acceptable by the media and has been identified as a type of violence and intimidation.

Humanity has evolved since Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Inquisition, and the Wild West. Slavery was common in the ancient world but no longer visible in most cultures. The arts are alive and well though mired in media that plays to the lowest common denominator. Racism, sexism, and classism still bind our wings and direct our ideology. We use them to guide our curriculum against injustice, poverty and oppression.

The world is more cooperative though the stakes of war are higher than before. I loved my time on Greece with the Arts and the Muses but I see hope and advancement for your civilization as well. Every day we are getting closer to the Divine. People can do things like travel, communicate, and create as only Gods could 2,500 years ago. The sick are being healed, the children are being taught, the environment is becoming more important. The Olympics are now worldwide. The caterpillar is becoming a butterfly sashaying through your garden.

Love Sappho


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