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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 22:51

Former Miss Guatemala U.S. talked about her coming out

Written by 

Jossie Ochoa


For the first time, Jossie Ochoa talked about her homosexuality in an interview with

Indeed, the former Miss Guatemala U.S. said she's happy to educate the public and spread awareness about LGBT issues, especially among Latinos.

"I just think it’s so amazing to be one of the first Latinas to speak about something so sensitive, especially in a community that is very religious and conservative," she said.

"Someone [said] I’m ‘not woman enough’ and I’m just like ‘No, the person I am doesn’t make me less of a woman,’ just like being gay doesn’t make someone less of a human…. We can’t judge others by who they choose to love."

Ochoa publicly came out by publishing a photo of her and her girlfriend kissing on Instagram with the caption: "Your energy is irreplaceable! Love you bebita. 3 years."

Ochoa is working on Mision Guatemala, a non-profit organization she has founded that helps needy children.


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