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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 22:29

Heartbreaking news: Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom won't marry in 24 countries due to cancer

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Julian P Boom Fleur Pierets


Lesbian artists Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom won't be able to take up their mission: to marry in 24 countries that legalized marriage equality. Julian is dying of cancer.

A terrible news affected the couple. On Facebook, Fleur shared the sad news about her wife: "My beautiful wife, the love of my life, is dying," she wrote. “A week ago we called the doctor in France because Julian couldn’t hold her food and had fainted. After running some scans, it turns out that she has numerous tumors in her head and around her heart.”

Julian had breast cancer last year. She managed to fight it. The doctors didn't look for other cancers in other parts of her body because she had no symptoms. But cancer was developing. And it's too late to do anything.

“The doctors are giving her three more months in which she will lose her capacity to speak and to remember things until she will slip into a coma,” Fleur added.

“I always believed in having a purpose in life, in being exactly at the right place and time to make you grow. Now I find there’s only randomness. And a great lack of silver linings,” she finished.

Fleur and Julian met seven years ago in Amsterdam. They quickly fell in love with each other. They worked together on several artistic projects. And Project 22 will be the last. It was a very beautiful project. Fleur and Julian planned to marry in the 22 countries that legalized marriage equality. The project expanded to 24 countries as Germany and Malta approved the law.

The couple was able to get married in France, Belgium, United States and in the Netherlands. They shared many photos on their website.

The aim was to raise awareness about marriage equality in a positive way. Fleur had told the AFP: “Instead of complaining about 170 countries where you cannot get married, let’s celebrate 24.”

I also wanted to share the GoFundMe campaign launched by their friends. Their insurance doesn't cover Julian's palliative care. I know, it's disgusting, so if you want to help Julian to go away peacefully, the page is available here:

We are all very saddened by the news. All the girls join me in these few words to send lots of love to the couple at this extremely difficult moment.


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