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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 23:22

HRC Releases LGBT Latino Youth Report

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HRC was interested in LGBT youth and particularly in LGBT Latino youth, their fears and their hopes. There were many changes these last years which brought more equality, more possibilities also for our community and the LGBT Latino youth stay optimistic as LGBT but not so much as Latino.

In partnership with the League of United Latin American Citizens, HRC questioned 10.000 LGBT Latino teens and here the results of this survey.

LGBT Latino youth are rather optimistic as for their future, just like straight youth, even if they think of having to leave their community to realize their projects. It should be said that Latinos are very religious people. A study showed that 70% of Latinos regularly go to an office in their church.

The key of success for the LGBT Latino youth depends on the acceptance of their identity which remains for them the most difficult problem to be faced. Despite everything, 53% are out to their close family and almost all are out to their friends. However, when the non-LGBT have in 8 cases in 10 an adult in support, less than 50% of LGBT Latino youth has such a support.

The second most difficult problem is the fear of being out.

Almost all agree on the fact that their schools accept who they are but the third most difficult problem is the fear of violences, of bullying within their school.

Internet is the place where LGBT Latino youth feel free to be who they are.

If LGBT Latino youth could change one thing about their life right now, what would it be?

According to HRC, they would like to change in others’ understanding, tolerance, and/or hate of LGBT people; change related to the parents or family situation; and change related to their honesty and openness about their sexual orientation. Thus a few LGBT Latino youth feel happy but remain to be optimistic and hope to:

93% to have a good job

91% to go to university

86% to be happy

86% to have a life-long relationship with someone they love

80% to marry someone they love

72% wish to raise children

73% would like to be an active part of their community

But when HRC asked to them whether they could achieve that while staying in the same town, the percentages decrease from 15, 20 to 30%. When 86% would like to be happy, only 55% think they could be happy staying in the same town.

To see the results in details, HRC's report is available here: Latino Youth Report


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