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The Lesbian Penguins Chupchikoni And Suki Now Want To Start A Family

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I know that you have enjoyed this pair of lesbian penguins and I have good news! The couple is still in love and now think about starting a family!

A few weeks ago, we have heard for the first time about Chupchikoni and Suki, two female penguins who met at Ramat Gan Zoological Center, a zoo in Tel Aviv, and felt in love.

The Zookeepers had initially thought there was not enough males before realizing that no, they're just lesbian.

Chupchikoni and Suki have already built a place to sleep and recently they decided to start a family so they have a nest and I hope Zookeepers will be able to give them a hatching egg.

«They're living together, they have their own nest,» zookeeper Mor Porat told NBC News’ Yara Borgal. «We even saw them trying to mate a few weeks ago.»

«They're also acting as if they were nesting,» Porat said. «Obviously they don't have their own egg, but they’re doing everything like a couple of male and female.»

I did research on penguins and this couple is at the beginning of its relationship. The penguins mate for life! The end is rather sad. If one of them dies, the other decides to die too.

Generally, a penguin lives 20 years. It seems that Chupchikoni and Suki will live some beautiful years together.