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Tuesday, 24 April 2018 22:30

Lesbian rapper Young M.A directed an adult film titled "The Gift" for Pornhub

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young ma the gift


Openly lesbian rapper Young M.A has become the first artist to direct a film for the new Pornhub series, “Visionaries Director’s Club.”

Through the series, Pornhub wants to "diversify porn production with original pornographic films from creative of all kinds to help create more varied content—paying particular attention to Pornhub’s female audience,” according to Pitchfork.

The first to get started is Young M.A who directed a film called "The Gift". It features seven women in an erotic visual fantasy world. We first follow the journey of a virginal girl wandering through a mansion for her birthday.

“It’s her birthday and a friend kinda like sends her off to this place where she’s mysteriously walking through different rooms and stuff and finding out, you know, paradise,” says Young M.A.

Beyond the fun aspect, Young M.A fans will be able to hear excerpts from the artist's debut album HerStory that we look forward to. In "The Gift", her songs are featured in key scenes.

In the behind-the-scenes video below, Young M.A explains how the feature film is linked to her album.

“This all goes into Her Story, which is the album that will be dropping real soon. It’s kind of a part of my story because it’s some nice little action going on with these beautiful women, women only,” Young M.A. said. “I look forward to that, that I was in control of how everything is going to play out, and the girls and the scenes.”

You can also discover behind the scenes of the shooting in the video below:

The trailer of "The Gift" is here too:


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