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Friday, 21 October 2011 17:23

Lesbians Are Not Bisexuals

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Dear Sappho,

I have a super crush on a nurse I work with. I know she s a lesbian and up until now I have lived my life as a want to be bisexual. Although most of my relationships have been with men, I find myself constantly fantasizing about women. Now all of those women have become the face and embodiment of this one particular woman that I can’t stop thinking about, and believe me, I have tried.

I want to connect with her and I am curious if lesbians would sleep with or could come to love a bisexual woman? Is there some sort of political sexual protocol or unspoken code of honor about lesbians sleeping with bisexual women?




Dear Woman,

There are no rules against love. Not only are lesbians almost exclusively raised by heterosexual parents, almost all lesbians are raised to be heterosexuals. Many lesbians considered themselves to be bisexuals before they had that ‘aha’ lesbian identity moment. So although lesbians are not bisexuals, bisexuals may yet become lesbians. This is both the fire you play with, and your possible destiny.

Lesbians are wary of women looking for sexual experimentation, though some might embrace it. Most woman, straight, or gay, want exclusive relationships and don’t want to be the novelty act or after thought. You must be honest with her in your intention and affections, as no one wants to be used.

Women of every gender and sexual denomination are looking for love. If you really can’t stop thinking about her, you may already be in love with her. All sexual confusion and ambiguity comes courtesy of the restrictions placed upon love and strict gender conformity to religious and social morals. However, the dark night of the soul is fading in the dawning of the Aquarian Age, and the evolution of consciousness beyond duality.

There are no rules against love. Why anyone would teach that loving truly and honestly is unnatural is a perversion indeed. Sexual identity is a human variation and varies woman to woman. Be honest, authentic, and true to yourself first. Your heart is trying to get your attention, follow your heart and learn what, and who you love, and why.

This particular woman may not become the love of your life, but she is an unmistakable road sign telling you what direction you want to go in. My advice is to forget the labels and spend time together, wherein, you may express your admiration and affection. Either way the siren is calling your name. Never be afraid to love authentically.




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