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Lez Gossip: Is Jennifer Lawrence lesbian or bisexual?

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 jennifer lawrence


At the moment, there are several rumors on the web about some American actresses who would have lesbian relationships. Let's focus on the pretty Jennifer Lawrence.

According to Star Magazine, Laurence ("Hunger Games") was spotted "partying it up" at her hotel in Hawaii last week. She would have been seen "hot and heavy with a mysterious dark-haired female 'friend,' fueling rumors that the Kentucky-born beauty may be gay!" (or bisexual).

It also seems that a staff member of the hotel said that Lawrence, who recently broke with Nicholas Hoult, "held hands" and was "very touchy-feely" with her female friend.

Another witness would have seen Lawrence at a strip club with friends "holding hands with the dark-haired girl, and they were whispering in each other’s ear."

So, what is your opinion? Flirt, bisexual or lesbian story, or just a rumor?

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