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LezGossip: Penny Marshall To Come Out As Lesbian

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Penny Marshall would be about to come out as lesbian.

The American actress, director and producer survived a four-years battle against a cancer. She would thus have decided to now live her life freely.

"Penny says that with her medical problems finally behind her, she’s going to live her life to the fullest and she doesn’t care a rat’s a** if people have a problem with it," a source told Showbizspy.

"Penny now wants to live the rest of her life without hiding anything."

She would be even in couple with a Hollywood's celebrity whose identity remains still a mystery.

"She wanted to come out with Penny a long time ago, but she didn’t want to add to Penny’s stress while she was going through cancer treatment," the source explained.

To live her life in agreement with herself is always the best way to be happy.