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Saturday, 18 June 2016 00:05

Orange Is The New Black Star Lea DeLaria Talks About Her Arrest In Missouri For Being Gay

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4 inappropriate questions lea delaria 2


In an interview with the Huffington Post, the star of Orange Is The New Black Lea DeLaria answered "4 inappropriate questions" and talked about the time she was arrested in Missouri for being gay.

Lea DeLaria talks about her misadventures with her girlfriend while they were around a lake in Missouri and they get arrested.

"I was making out with a girl by a lake. We were so busted! I so spent the night in jail," she said.

DeLaria declined to give details, she simply stated joking that, at the prison, the officers had preferred to separate them because "they were afraid we gonna fuck in the jail, I guess."

The actress and singer is back on losing her virginity and lesbian sex too.

"4 inappropriate questions with Lea DeLaria" is just in the video below:

Season 4 of "Orange is the new black" is now available on Netflix. To get started watching the first episodes, I find this fourth season better than the last one.


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