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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 23:40

Out Singer Chely Wright Urges Country Musicians To Take A Stand Against Bigoted Laws

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chely wright


The lesbian country singer Chely Wright strongly opposes bigoted laws and calls on the country stars to take a stand for LGBT rights.

The singer, in fact, appeared in an interview on CNN in which she urged her fellow country musicians and stars to take a stand for LGBT rights and condemned "these very bigoted laws".

The singer comes after many states have debated or are currently debating on bills that would allow discrimination against LGBT people based on religion, she also comes after laws forbidding trans* people to use the bathrooms like everyone else.

Tennessee, which is the birthplace of country music, is in the process of debating a bill that would ban the use of restrooms, locker rooms and other facilities for transgender students in public schools.

Chely said that the world of country music is still a bit behind in terms of support for LGBT rights.

"There are a few that I know are on the precipice of saying something. I think they feel uncertain, they don't know exactly what to say, they don't know what the reaction will be," she said.

"But change. What we need in 2016, is for them to absolutely 100 percent affirm the LGBT community and condemn these very bigoted laws."

At the same time, she also explains that many people in country music may not know a trans* person, they used to work with gay, lesbian or bisexual people, which can suddenly bring acceptance and desire to defend.

"She said: "A lot of my peers in country music may not think they know a trans person. I know they know a gay person. I know many of them have gays and lesbians who work for them and they love them, but we need them now to take that very courageous step to affirm."

Chely has spent a lot of time on Twitter to try to explain to people and to protest against these laws filled with hatred and bigotry,here are a few of her tweets:

"And P.S., you've been using public restrooms with transgender women for years. You just didn't know it."

"I am sincerely praying to God right now that if one of your grandkids is gay or trans, that your heart will be open."

More here: @chelywright

Watch the full interview with Chely Wright just in the video below:


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