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Hello my lovelies, I'm here once again to answer all of your questions.

So lay your head on my couch, let go of your inhibitions, and share with me all that bothers you.

This week I have gotten so many questions that it was almost too hard to decide which to answer in the column this week. But rest assured, If I don't answer your question tonight, I will definitely answer it at another time.

martin-luther-king-jr-1967-in-jailMost people know the “enemies” of equality, those figures who make it their mission to maintain the status quo. Their voices are usually loud, frequent, and damaging. They use lies, intimidation, misinformation, and fearmongering to

keep us in the closet and our heterosexual counterparts concerned about our “agenda”. They are plentiful. Leaders of the LGBTQ movement cry out against these ideologues on a regular basis and when we discuss why our country is so behind in giving LGBTQ citizens basic rights, we often have fingers pointed in their direction. But when we look closer and examine the facts, we find a group of people who hold an ideology much more damaging to LGBTQ equal rights and protections under the law. The most dangerous ideology does not rest with the extremist; rather, it rests with the enablers; the moderates and well mannered liberals who support the status quo and conservative ideology one inaction at a time.

Monday, 24 January 2011 02:02

Just Ask Me...Spoken: Lezbelib Advice Column - BDSM

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Friday night I found myself headed for Myrtle Beach. I got a wild hair up my ass and craved desperately for peace and quiet and the only place I know that can calm my thoughts is the beach. It's something about the sound of the waves crashing on top of one another that ease my wild spirit. 

Standing on the balcony of my tenth floor room and watching the moonlight dance on the surface of the ocean lead to me craving to write. So I slipped into my favorite pink and black knee socks and an ex's old sweatshirt and pulled out the laptop.

As I’m writing away my phone frantically starts vibrating disturbing my glass of red wine. My first thought was to turn it off but instead I decided to read the text. Which lead to me checking my email and reading not one but several letters from some of my readers.

Just know my sweets that I will never leave you least not for too long...


Hello Lovelies, Have you missed me?

Well I have missed you, but luckily I have had all of your letters to keep me company. There's nothing better than curling up on my weathered couch with a fresh caramel macchiato in hand, a ciggy, and your words to comfort me as this damn snow beats down on my windows.

For those of you who are new to my column heres the skinny...



As a child I use to lay my Barbies on their plush pink chaise lounge, retreat to my grandfathers withered rocking chair with pen in hand, and ask them to tell me their deepest woes. I spent hours getting lost in my imagination solving relationship issues between Ken and Barbie that stemmed from Ken’s crush with the neighbors husband and his love for Barbie’s heels and helping Skipper realize that inside of her was a beautiful tomboy waiting to come out.


Now I’ve traded my dolls for real women with real drama and offer advice on everything under the sun. Are you a boy trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa? Do you have trouble obtaining an orgasm? Are you in love with your neighbor’s hersband? Not sure how to tell the kiddies that you are ready to exit the closet? Hell, not sure how to open the door in the first place? Bedroom not as hot as it use to be? Honey paying more attention to the Wii than you? Don’t know what fellatio means? (Hey it’s possible…)


Just ask me, Spoken


Now my lovely Lezzy’s slip into something sexy or nothing at all and bring on the questions. It is my oath to bring you my unadulterated honesty, my divine wisdom, and feminine wit.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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