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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 00:54

Rainbow Baby On All Saints Day‏

Written by  Lezbelib



A Story of a young family in South Africa.


Photo 1 = Aden Declan du Preez was born on 1st November 2010, in the Femina Hospital, Pretoria


Photo 2 = Rudene du Preez and Anna-Marie (Smith) met in 2004 and their relationship was an instant hit. They say there is no such thing as soul mates, but as in their case we learn that indeed ones' soul can find it's true mate.



Photo 3 = In 2006 the Civil Unions Bill was passed in South Africa. Thus many relationships were taken to a new level. In August 2008 Rudene and Anna-Marie married. They decided on whose surname to make the family name and so the du Preez family started.


Photo 4 = They have both always believed in family, church and community. Rudene and Anna-Marie involved their family in every event of their lives together. Soon they wanted to start their own family, thus they did the research and found a sperm bank. Unfortunately sperm banks, as they soon found out, are not always friendly and helpful towards lesbians. The first sperm bank expressed that they actually cater to heterosexual couples who are having trouble with conception. Rudene felt disheartened but determent they continued searching. They looked at the profiles of a good many sperm donors and eventually found the right one. Anna-Marie and Rudene bought the sperm they had selected and took it home.

Anna-Marie preformed the insemination and they made love. On the 18th February 2010 their first baby was conceived.


Photo 5 - Maternity Picture


Photo 6 - Baby scan - 'It was the happiest nine months of my life' says Rudene. 'I spoke to my baby and he listened to music while still inside my belly... I cannot imagine a greater joy'.


Photo 7 = Indeed the greater joy came at 10:09am on All Saints Day... And their own little saint was born in the capital city of their home country South Africa. Anna-Marie watched as Rudene delivered Aden, and was right by her side the entire time. 'It was the proudest moment of my life when I help our son, ' says Anna-Marie.



Photo 8 = As always their family shared this the most amazing day in their lives with them feeling very proud and blessed.


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