Friday, 31 July 2015 20:27

"Rhinosaverz": Ruby Rose Puts Her Fame To Rhinos Now Endangered

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Ruby Rose engages with other celebrities to defend animal rights and puts her fame to rhinos threatened with extinction because of poachers.

The new recruit of «Orange Is The New Black» posed for the «Rhinosaverz» campaign that would draw attention to the rhinos which are now threatened with extinction. Currently, poachers kill rhinos for their horns they sell in China and Vietnam, where the horns are considered as a medicinal remedy, or to cosmetic companies. Result this mammal is now extinct. People are trying somehow to save them either by cutting their horns to rescue animals, or by injecting a special product, a poison, to make these horns unusable.

Ruby, who loves more than all animals, joined the fight alongside actor Leonardo DiCaprio and surfer Kelly Slater.

It remains now only four white rhinos on earth, no wild, other subspecies have already disappeared as the Western black rhino that no longer exist since 2011. That makes 26 million years the rhinos exist on earth.

Photo by Charles Summerfield