Thursday, 22 December 2011 20:48

Sappho Claus Assures Very Good Girls

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Dear Sappho Claus,

Please send me a woman to truly love. I am visualizing a passionate Goddess or, at least a High Priestess of Love. I’d prefer if she were a Muse who is also amused by me. Someone who is smart, sexy, charming, and evolved. A woman who loves the arts.

Be sure she is someone who loves me (almost) as much as I love her. Make her someone who highly motivates me to be better than I already am, although I assure you that I am already a very good girl.

Dear Devoted Good Girl,

She is on her way. The only catch is, you will have to recognize her and make first contact. Be sure and keep your eyes peeled. She could be any where, at any time. As soon as you recognize her you may begin to negotiate the present that is all yours. Please allow reasonable time for shipping and delivery. Expect love to be wonderful beyond all expectations.