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Thursday, 05 October 2017 00:02

Survey: Less and less British youth define themselves as "strictly heterosexual"

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A new survey confirms that the new generation defines itself less as "strictly heterosexual".

This survey published by the BBC and conducted by Ipsos Mory with 3,007 people from different generations:

  • Baby Boomers (1960-1980)
  • Gen Xers (1961-1981)
  • Millennials (80s to early ‘90s)
  • Gen Zers (1990s-mid 2000s)

The Gen Zers are 24% strictly attracted to the opposite sex, same percentage for their attraction to both sexes. The previous generation, the Millennials, are 18% strictly straight. 8% of the Gen Xers identify themselves as only heterosexual.

We see a progression. Over the course of generations, the percentage of people who identify as strictly heterosexual decreases.

At the moment, 66% of participants identify themselves as strictly straight.

If we look particularly at the 16-22-years-old people:

  • 14% of them say they are “mostly” attracted to the opposite sex
  • 9% say they are equally attracted to both sexes
  • 3% is only attracted to same-sex people
  • 3% say they are mostly attracted to the same sex

The percentage of bisexual people is increasing. Only 1% of Baby Boomers are attracted to both men and women.

There is an evolution in sexual attraction and sexual orientation.

This survey from the United Kingdom echoes the one from the United States, which revealed that only 48% of young Americans define themselves as exclusively heterosexual. So this is a trend that is confirmed.

I like this kind of study that erases the word 'minority' for our community.


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