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Thursday, 23 February 2012 15:15

That's So Bi: Bisexual Pig Seeks Gay Partner For Serious Relationship

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After falling in love with a bull who broke his heart because he is straight, a Swedish bisexual pig seeks a gay partner for serious relationship.

It is in the Källunda farm near Käglinge in South Sweden that a young pig named Kalle fell in love with Sune Mang, a bull.

Its owner Magnus Nyman tells The Local that "he became completely smitten with him and jumped the fence to the pasture and started to court him, or rather, tried to mount him."

"The bull was very embarrassed" and broke Kalle's heart because he is only interested by the cows but apparently Kalle did not give up and runs after him.

"His eyes say everything. He is as bisexual as they come," Nyman told local paper Skånskan.

"If there is anyone with a lonely gay boar in Skåne, they can come by and see if they take a fancy to each other. Kalle is worth better."

Kalle "does his duty by the sows" but seeks a partner.


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