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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 22:05

That's So Gay: Same-Sex Zebra Finches Relationships

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Researchers of University of California noted that the zebra finches can have same-sex monogamist and permanent relationships.



"The research showed relationships in animals can be more complicated than just a male and a female who meet and reproduce, even in birds. A pair-bond in socially monogamous species represents a cooperative partnership that may give advantages for survival. Finding a social partner, whatever its sex, could be a priority," said Julie Elie, one of the researchers, to BBC Nature.

It seems that young zebra finches for example, raised by a same-sex couple, will prefer a same-sex relationship and even if they meet finches of the opposite sex.

Moreover, the same-sex couples have the same behaviors than the opposite-sex couples. They nest, sing together and perch side by side.



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