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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 23:09

Two Italian Former Nuns Married

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When love is stronger than faith: this is the beautiful story of Isabel and Frederica, both 44, who married on Tuesday in Pinerolo, a town in Italy.

Isabel and Frederica met in a convent because both were nuns. Falling in love with each other, they have shown great courage to abandon their veils and focus on their love.

"They have been criticized, but also understood by some sisters. Just as there are many good priests who do not condemn this kind of choice. And I can also tell you that it is not even the first time I performed the marriage of two nuns," Don Franco Barbero, an excommunicated priest who blessed their wedding, told La Stampa.

This union is a beautiful symbol in Italy, where certainly civil unions were open to same-sex couples but where it is still difficult for these couples to be fully accepted especially by the church.


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