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Thursday, 02 January 2014 23:44

Two Lesbian Penguins Fell In Love In Tel Aviv

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To begin this new year, nothing better than two lesbian penguins who fell in love into a zoo in Tel Aviv.


It is within the Ramat Gan Zoo that a couple of female penguin met and have set up home together in the enclosure they share with others, as reports IBTimes. It is apparently the first lesbian relationship recorded in a zoo.

"After we realised that they were two females, we thought that maybe the proportion between males and females in the yard was the cause but realised that if they want to choose a male they could have," Zookeeper Mor Porat told the Associated Press.

"We also saw that for a period of months or so, that they were acting like they were nesting. They didn't have an egg but they were acting like they were nesting.

"This is something very special."

Too cute!


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