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Unrequited Love - The Sweetest Cherry Just Out of Reach

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Dear Sappho,

Have you ever had to deal with unrequited love? If so, how does one manage to continue loving in the face of adversity, rejection or hopelessness. When I first fell in love with this spectacular woman I didn’t realize every other woman in town had their eye on her as well. It breaks my heart that we will never be partners or lovers, but I refuse to not let myself love her. How does a passionate woman like me or a poet like you come to terms with unrequited love?

Unrequited Lover

Dear Unrequited Lover,

Ah yes, the sweetest ripest cherry high on the tree, just of out reach. What do I do about unrequited love you ask? I write poetry about it. I may call it the fish that got away though I don’t actually fish. Feelings of love whether reciprocal or not really have more to do with you than her. Maybe you were lovers in another lifetime. Maybe it is the siren call of your soul calling you to strive for something that will in some way make you a better person.

Under no circumstances - do not allow yourself to degrade or insult the lady you would champion under different circumstances, as it would dishonor her and you. Some people aspire to higher goals than they can momentarily achieve to prompt them to strive higher. Some unattained goals become dreams to privately savor, or tempt the soul with the taste of success rather than the failure it implies.

Almost everyone on the planet has experienced unrequited love, but lovers, poets, and lesbians have a harder time coming to grips with it. Most people will admit they learned something valuable. Poets distill their hearts perfume into words. The intoxicating affect of “love” whether it is requited or not is definitely a gift from the muses. Accept the presence of love within your self and deal with it gracefully. It’s your heart trying to tell you something important and dear.

I do know that what is meant to be will be, and what is not meant to be will not be. Knowing when to let go is important for everyone’s health and peace of mind. In the meantime realize that though you love the stars and the moonlight, you will never get your hands on them either. But you still love to go outside at night and gaze at the sky. In some ways unrequited loves are the dearest of all for the intoxicating auras they weave. Don’t fear it, embrace it and let your self continually evolve to higher and truer loves. Love is always yearning us on to becoming more like love.