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Sunday, 02 January 2011 13:09

20 of The Best Lesbians In Music

Written by  Kat Langworthy

melissa etheridge


I love music. I love bands that make me cool amongst the younger crowd. Bands such as Disturbed, Slipknot, Metallica, Ozzy... to name a few, get my vote for cool bands. However, I also love to follow Lesbians in Music.

Melissa Etheridge (top picture) is one of the best known and loved musician of all time. Her music speaks for us. Through her cancer, we battled along with her in song. If you haven’t seen her in concert, you are missing out.

The Indigo Girls is a duo of message and voices that ring out to society saying, we are here, deal with it.

I get a Constant Craving of k.d. lang. She’s a little bit country and a little bit of everything else.

The Butchies: Kaia Wilson, Melissa York is a lesbian queercore band from Durham, North Carolina that existed from 1998 to 2005 and is currently on a hiatus.

the butchies

The Butchies

Tribe 8 was an all women outspoken dyke punk band from San Francisco, CA.

Alix Dobkin has been called “Head Lesbian” because of her visibility in the community. In 1973, she produced Lavender Jane Loves Women with Kay Gardner, the very first album for and by lesbians. She has chronicled the lives of lesbians in her music.

Cris Williamson is one of the early pioneers of lesbian music. Her music and insight have served as a catalyst for change in the creation of women-owned record companies in the 1970s.

She used her musical talents, networked with other lesbian artists of musical quality, and represented those who did not yet feel safe in speaking for themselves.

Williamson is remembered by many in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community for her contributions, both artistically, and politically, and continues to be a role model.

Janis Ian is a musical icon who happens to be a lesbian. For more than 40 years she’s been making great music. Billie’s Bones is one in a long line of excellent albums.

Janis Joplin was not out about her bisexuality, yet she was known to have affairs with both men and women.

Best known for “Fast Cars,” Tracy Chapman has never come out as a lesbian, but we know the truth, they don’t call it gaydar for nothing.

Sweet Honey In The Rock

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Sweet Honey in the Rock, a band I haven’t heard of but is listed in many top bands on lesbian music. They were founded in 1973 by Bernice Johnson Reagon, the all black women’s group sings acappella, except for percussion instruments. They have seen more than 20 women pass through the group over the years, many of them lesbian and bisexual.

Although Me’Shell Ndegeocello scored a few hits early in her career, the singer/bassist opted to concentrate subsequently on more challenging material by exploring the politics of race and sex, among other topics.

Le Tigre is a feminist electronic band that has always mixed thought-provoking politics with their unique brand of pop.

Team Dresch is an American punk band from Portland, Oregon, which was initially active from 1993 until 1998.

The band made a significant impression on the do-it-yourself movement queercore, which gave voice through zines and music to the passions and concerns of those in both the LGBT Community and the punk subculture.

All band members were open lesbians.

tegan and sara 2011

Tegan & Sara

Tegan & Sara are lesbian twin sisters, quickly making their way up the charts with their hit “Walking With a Ghost.”

Melissa Ferrick is an out lesbian rocker with a devoted fan base. While surfing YouTube, look up “I’m A Lesbian” by Melissa, it's a parody of Melissa Etheridge’s song “I’m The Only One.”

Joan Armatrading. Is she or isn’t she? We’re not sure, but she wrote one of the best lesbian love songs ever: "The Weakness in Me".

Ani DiFranco is a positive feminist bisexual folk/rocker.

Sleater Kinney. Half of Sleater Kinney is queer...Carrie and Janet are, Corrin is not.

And last but not least, there is Ferron, is he one of the best songwriters of all time? The Boston Globe said, “Someday they will call (Bob) Dylan the Ferron of the 60s.”

Photo courtesy of Yep Roc Records (The Butchies) and Tegan and Sara


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