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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 22:41

2011 MTV Video Music Awards

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Logo des MTV VMA 2011


During the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, between Lady Gaga's male alter-ego Jo Calderone, Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Katy Perry, between the distributions of awards and performances, here in some lines what occurred if you were not there.

The ceremony started with the interpretation of Yoü & I by Lady Gaga or Jo Calderone.

Lady Gaga Jo

When one see the performance of Lady Gaga, one think that it is a great performance full of originality but more and more, one wonders whether it is a little bit too much. What do you think?


Miss chance for Britney Spears which was honored during the ceremony, it is lady Gaga 'Jo' who gave her the award.

Britney Spears did not really know what to do with Jo and remained rather badly at ease instead of having fun.

Personally, I do not really understand why one makes a homage to Britney Spears.

Why underline her career whereas this one is not finished?

Besides this award, Britney was also rewarded for her clip Till The World Ends that I propose to you to discover if it is not already done.


The most rewarded during this evening were Adele and Katy Perry. The latter besides received 9 nominations and 3 awards!


One discovered that Beyoncé is pregnant.

During these MTV Awards, one could discover a new category, the Best Video With A Message.

The nominees were:


Taylor Swift 'Mean' cautions negative naysayers that being mean gets you nowhere.


Rise Against 'Make it Stop (September's Children)' reminds LGBT teens pushed to the edge that "It Gets Better."

Pnk-F  kin-Perfect

P!nk 'F*cking Perfect !' lets out a rally cry of reassurance for anyone who's ever felt less than perfect.


Katy Perry 'Firework' celebrates the spark and originality in all of us.


Eminem and Rihanna 'Love the Way You Lie' illuminate the pain and peril of domestic violence.


Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' gives birth to a world free from prejudice, judgment and self-doubt.

And without surprise, it is Born This Way who received the award.

complete listing of the winners


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