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Monday, 26 September 2011 23:13

2011 Stonewall Awards: Nominations

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Several personalities of the music, the writing or resulting from other fields will be honoured to have done something during the year for the LGBT community in Britain. Let's discover some people who did something to change the world and which are nominated.

And let's also see the bigots.

 jessie-jLady Gaga is, for example, nominated in the category Hero of the Year with other people like the singer Joan Armatrading or the director of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Paul Martin.

Jessie J is also nominated in the category of the Entertainer of the Year.

Publications, authors but also political personalities as of TV series are nominated such as, for example, Torchwood or Lip Service, both nominated in the category of the Broadcast of the Year.

But attention, it does not have there only the heroes !

No, there are also the bigots like Stephen Green, Christian Voice leader and his anti-gay comments on the BBC or like Melanie Philips, who gives "her bigoted views on just about everything from the NHS to Barack Obama to gay rights, this year Phillips really outdid herself by comparing gay people to animals, writing that Britain is in the grip of a ‘Government-backed drive to promote the gay agenda’ and claiming that gay people ‘risk becoming the new McCarthyites’ simply because they want to stay at a bed and breakfast."

This 6th edition of Stonewall Awards will take place on November 3rd, 2011 in London' s Victoria and Albert Museum.

For more informations on tickets or the take a look on the nominated list, follow the link: Stonewall AwardsStonewall Awards.


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