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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 23:10

48 French Artists Take A Stand For Marriage Equality And Adoption

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48 artists support gay marriage


48 artists and presenters show their support for marriage equality and adoption for gay and lesbian couples in France.

One approaches to the vote of the two laws which will take place at the beginning of next year.

Demonstrations have already took place and others are planned in the next weeks organized by pro-marriage equality and adoption and by opponents.

Olivier Ottin, manager of the gay singer Emmanuel Moire as his press officer Thomas Pawlowski, have thus decided to call artists to support the two laws:

We were frightened by the opposition to change in entertainment which however often teaches great lessons of morals. … This petition gave us hope again, we continued our approach while trying to be more popular to touch more people. We met with many refusals, much more than we thought, even from artists who sang for homosexuality, which goes to show that…", explain the two men to PureCharts.

This is the artists' letter:

We artists and personalities of entertainment,

We will not speak here about politics.

We will not speak here about religion.

We will only speak about equality,

We are from a generation for which marriage equality is an obviousness. We mix each day in our jobs, in our personal lives and friendly with single, in couple homosexuals, with or without children, with or without the desire to have children.

We all are resulting from a family known as "traditional". For all that, some of us knew a mixed, a single-parent family, some were raised by a third, for all that we are proud of our identity and these differences made us stronger.

Today, we do not support anymore to see in France gays and lesbians insulted, we do not support anymore to see our friends, our families, our fans insulted.

We do not want a France where some would be condemned, we do not want a France where there would be subcitizens.

We appeal to tolerance, to open-mind of each one in the name of the "Good life together".

We artists and personalities of entertainment we take a stand and support marriage and adoption for all."

Here the artists and presenters who signed it:

Al Hy, Alex Goude, Alex Lutz, Anaïs, Anggun, Amandine Bourgeois,

Barbara Carlotti, Baptiste Lecaplain, Baz’art à nanas, Ben Mazué,

China Moses, Chris Mayne, Christophe Beaugrand, Clarika,

Dominique A,

Elsa Lunghini, Emmanuel Moire,

Jeanne Cherhal, Jean Pierre Danel, Jenifer, Jennifer Ayache (Superbus), Julie Zenatti, Julien Clerc,

Karima Charni, Karine Ferri, Keren Ann,

La Grande Sophie, Laurent Lamarca, Lorie,

Mademoiselle K, Make The Girl Dance, Medhi Zannad, Merwan Rim, Mika, Mutines,

Patricia Kaas,

Quentin Mosimann,


Séverin, Sheryfa Luna, Sofia Essaïdi, Sophie Carpentier,

Tal, Thomas Fersen, Thierry Gali,

Valérie Damidot,

Ysa Ferrer.

I hope that others will be added to this list.


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