Tuesday, 24 May 2016 22:23

A-Mei And Nine Pop Stars Are Going To Organize A Concert To Raise Money To Push The LGBTQ Rights In Taiwan

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In Taiwan, the tickets whose proceeds will be donated to an LGBT organization, are now available!

Under the leadership of Taiwanese pop singer A-Mei, which we had already spoken on the occasion of her support for equal marriage, a big concert entitled "Love is King. It Makes Us All Equal" whose proceeds will be donated to the organization Taiwan alliance, which fights for LGBTQ rights, will be held on August 1 at the Taipei Arena.

Unlike usual, A-Mei will not be alone on stage since she invited no less than nine other big names of Taiwanese music (Jolin Tsai, Hebe Tien, Jam Hsiao, Elva Hsiao, A-Lin, Dee Hsu, Show Luo, Rainie Yang and the band Sodagreen) to join her for this great charity concert. Clearly a great concert is announced!

The idea came to the singer following the rejection by the Taiwanese assembly of the bill that would have allowed marriage equality.

Last year, the bill was introduced in late session, just before the newly elected legislators take their position in February. It would seem that only 29 legislators are in favor of equal marriage out of 113 that account the Assembly. Nevertheless, we expect the Democratic Party, which has now acquired a legislative majority, proposes a new bill.

"Love is right. Your love requires more courage than others. I will accompany you on this long and arduous path. One day, we will celebrate the victory of true love in a rainbow Utopia," A-Mei said in a statement.