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Sunday, 20 November 2011 23:42

Andrea Nardello: A Musical Discovery

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andrea nardello

Andrea Nardello. You may never heard this name before and yet, in 2010, she was under consideration for a Grammy Nomination.

Her splendid voice rocked by an acoustic guitar sometimes accompanied by percussions and sometimes accompanied by a saxophone, Andrea Nardello lures us into her world singing her own experience.

Independent singer and compositor, she tells us about her second album My Aeroplane, her career, her inspirations or her originality.

Lezbelib: The first thing that we discover with your album, it is its original package as we can turn it into an aeroplane, how did you have this idea?

Andrea: Isn’t that the coolest? I originally wanted to name the album "These Days" and when discussing the title with my producer he suggested we pull a lyric from that song instead. He felt like that would give us more options with the artwork and he was so right! That’s when we decided on "My Aeroplane". We also felt like there was some symbolism to the name. Meaning, I want my fans to get on board with this album and take a journey with me. Then I got together with Brian Grunert from White Bicycle and he came up with the brilliant idea to make the album turn into an airplane. He is a genius and I love him. These days people download their music and rip mp3s into itunes and the cover gets put on a shelf or in the trash. It’s just a fun, memorable way to package up the album and I love it.

Lezbelib: For our readers who does not know you yet, can you tell us about you? How your music career started?

Andrea: I am a very down to earth, fun loving, free spirit, who loves music, loves to travel, and loves to perform. I started out playing drums when I was about 8 or 9. Then I moved to piano and then I fell in love with guitar. I started performing in bars and open mics when I was in College at West Virginia University but I feel like my career didn’t actually start until I released my first album in 2007. I was living in Atlanta and I had met a producer that wanted to work with me so we recorded my first album, Until Now, together in Atlanta. When that was done, that was the moment I felt like my career was real. I was selling CD’s, I was getting recognition from magazines and industry people, and I was touring for the first time. It definitely made me realize that my dream could be something real.

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Lezbelib: There is a lot of guitar in your songs but what kind of music do you play?

Andrea: I play acoustic guitar and the other guitarist on the album plays lead. Her name is Christie Lenee and she is by far the most talented guitar player I have ever known. I would categorize my music in a singer songwriter/folk/pop genre. I love acoustic music but I also play with a band when I’m performing near my home town.

Lezbelib: Your music is rather original by its instrumentation. For example, there are percussions or a saxophone, which is not an usual instrument in this kind of music, why this choice full of originality?

Andrea: I think that combo comes from my love for the Dave Matthews Band. There is something so awesome about a sax and a good beat behind acoustic guitar. That sound makes you want to groove but it still has a natural, unproduced sound to it. I also recorded in Philly for this album and had access to other artists that I couldn’t record with in Atlanta so that is why you hear such a difference on the second album. I really feel like the album evolved when we were rehearsing and even when we were recording because we recorded live takes together as a band.

Lezbelib: In your songs, you speak about life, about love, … from where comes your inspiration?

Andrea: I write a lot about my personal experiences. I also tend to write about my friends and their lives. I don’t like to write about obscure fiction. I can’t relate to that. I like to understand what a song means so I have a tendency to tell stories.

Lezbelib: How is the life as an independent artist?

Andrea: It is fun being an independent artist. I love the freedom and I love the flexibility. It is stressful at times and it is very hard work but the good outweighs the bad. I have a blast when I go on tour and I have encountered some of the greatest artists that no one has probably ever heard of yet so it’s exciting and inspirational. I also love touring with other independent artists.

Lezbelib: Who are the artists who are on your playlist and that you recommend?

Andrea: Check out these artists… I know it’s a lot but they are great. Lindsay Mac, Amanda Palmer, Matt Duke, Christie Lenee, Jared McCloud, Jared Costa, Jill Cagney, Guster, Amos Lee, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, The John Butler Trio, Lisa Hannigan, & Tim Emmerick.

Lezbelib: Do you have some interesting projects for the end of the year and for 2012?

Andrea: I am very excited because I’m about to release a live album before the end of the year. We did something a little different and offered it digitally online but you get a tee shirt when you download the album. I will have links to the site on my home page in December so be on the look out!  In 2012 I am going to focus on writing new material so I can release a new album. I’m always touring so staying connected on my email list or facebook page is the best way to keep up with me :)

Lezbelib: A last word for our readers?

Andrea: Get out and support your local bands! It is so important to help keep Indie artists rocking. Love as hard as you can, smile and laugh as often as you can, and don’t ever give up. Make your dreams a reality!

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