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Eurovision 2011: Lezbelib's Points

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This weekend it was the final of the biggest songs contest in all Europe.

The principle of the contest is very simple: 25 finalists are selected in all Europe to represent their country (a singer or a band by country). They sing all and, during their performances, the jury and the public vote.

There are different characteristics for this contest who make it particular. First of all, the performances are live on television. Then a jury vote but there is a jury in each country and this year, there were 43 countries. The public can also vote, the public resulting from the 43 countries! Except that we can't vote for our country.

Each country votes for 10 songs giving 12, 10 and 8 points to three "best" songs and finally from 1 to 7 points for some other songs we like the most.

"Best" because it is a fact, we sort of do a mix between giving points to the best performance and giving some points to the countries bordering our own country.

The winners of this year was Azerbaijan with a beautiful song.

Italy was second and Sweden third. This year, songs were distinguished either by their originality, or by a good song, or by a good performance or humor.

We had to do our own classification and here the results:

Lezbelib gives 8 points to the funnier and gayer group, Lipstick representing Ireland:

Lezbelib then gives 10 points for Ukraine but not for the song or the performance of the singer.

This points are actually for the artist behind the singer. Her performance was just amazing! I never saw this before, drawing with sand, it is a great surprise! Watch the video, it is really amazing!

Finally, Lezbelib gives 12 points to an original song, full of jazz,

it was so good to listen this during a contest very very pop, so our 12 points go to Italia!!!

For my part, living in France, my great pleasure were the comments of Catherine Lara,

well-known singer in France and openly lesbian, the tv commentator for this Euovision 2011,

who added some lesbian comments during the show.

And you, what was your favorite song, country?