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Hooray, You're Gay: A Musical Discovery

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Everyone is currently listening the new album of Lady Gaga, that I will cover next week for those who didn't have the possibility to listen it yet.

Everyone, or almost, say Born This Way is the gay anthem of the year.

I propose you to discover another gay anthem.

The Juliettes have just released a new single called Hooray, You' re Gay, a song very, very pro-gay!

The Juliettes, formed by Liz (guitar and vocals), Lissa (bass), Eva (drum) and Julie (lead singer), 4 girls very talented from Seattle, have just released what could be the real gay anthem of the year. This single talks about the pride to be gay:

"Hooray, you're Gay

And Gay is never gonna go away

You're absolutely fabulous and absolutely here to stay

Hey, hello, hell yeah, hooray, you're Gay."

As The Juliettes says, they "want the song to inspire celebration and improve the discourse – it’s not just okay to be gay. It's freaking fabulous!"

Behind this musical project, there is also the wish to change the world. That's why the band will donate the integrality of the proceeds to LGBT organizations, especially organizations as It Gets Better, a project to help and support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.

1, 2, 3, GO!

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SO, 1, 2, 3, GO!

This song is a gift. To the LGBT community and to all people who value compassion and equality.

Who don't see "Gay Marriage" but only understand "MARRIAGE".

Who don't see "Gay Rights" but only see "RIGHTS".

Who think "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should be and should have always been, "Why Ask, Who Cares".

Who understand that there needs to be no defense of marriage, but defense of the disenfranchised. Love is love.

Equality is equality.

Truth is truth. We made this for you.

We made this for everybody.

We feel it is the obligation of every person - starting with us - to work toward true equality. The space where art and commerce intersect is sexy and powerful.

So even if you got a copy from a friend, buy it - and better yet - conspire with us to spread the message - Tweet it - Tweet the living crap out of it.

Let's raise thousands or millions of dollars.

The fine people at It Gets Better and the organizations they support need your moolah - The Juliettes

You can purchase Hooray, You're Gay on iTunes, Amazon and emusic