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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 17:37

The Iranian Queen Of Pop Googoosh Features A Lesbian Couple In Her Latest Music Video "Behesht"

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The Iranian queen of pop Googoosh has released a new music video for her song "Behesht (sky)" in which she shows a lesbian couple.

The video shows a woman and a person she describes as a love.

According to The Daily Beast, the song said at this moment: "I know they say these feelings should not be, but they are."

At one point we discover that the other person is a woman and it is indeed a couple and a song about love between two women.

Many gays and lesbians Iranians expressed their thanks to the Facebook page of Googoosh.

The 63-years-old singer is very famous in Iran and in this country that condemns homosexual relationships to imprisonment and execution (the organization of the human rights reports that several people were executed in 2012), nobody openly supports LGBT rights, much less a woman.

Googoosh risks nothing. In 2000, she fled from Iran to live in London, but her music has managed to illegally enter the country where it continues to bring a message of hope.

Here is the video clip (English subtitled):


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