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Friday, 11 February 2011 12:51

Just For A Pleasure: Kaki King

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kaki king


I propose you to discover or to discover Kaki King again and her talent in the same way that I discovered her a few years ago by listening to 'Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers'.

It is by watching the performance of King that we become aware of her immense talent since she plays a theme while recording it to superimpose a second theme on the first one, and so on, giving us the impression that it is a whole band which plays whereas she plays all the music by herself.

Naturally, Kaki King does not always play in this way but I think that it is a good manner to discover her.

At the beginning of her career, she only made music tracks and then, since 2008, she added the voice as on her last album 'Junior'.

Here is 'Pull Me Out Alive' from her album 'Dreaming of Revenge':

She also creates a lot of soundtracks for the film like 'Into de Wild' in which you can hear her song 'Doing The Wrong Thing'.

More on Kaki King:


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