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Sunday, 24 July 2011 23:40

Just For The Pleasure: Amy Whinehouse

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Amy Whinehouse was found died in her house on Saturday, she was only 27 years old.

Let's be back on her musical career, full of ups and downs but, especially, full of talent.

She was a singer, openly bisexual, who have had a voice like anybody.

From Rehab to Back To Black, her songs will stay in our ears undoubtedly.

Ella-FitzgeraldAmy Whinehouse had a voice a little bit like Ella Fitzgerald, full of jazz, of blues and of soul.

At 10 years, Amy made her debut in the music creating a rap band called Sweet 'N' Sour with one of her friends.

It is in 2003 that her career has started. Whereas she sings in a jazz band, her boyfriend recorded a tape and sent it to a studio, this tape was then heard by the label Island/Universal who decided to signed Amy.

In October 2003, Frank, her first album, is released. One year later, with this album, Amy won the Brit Awards of the Female solo artist and the Urban act.

Her career and, in particular, her international career has been launched with her second album Back To Black.

She even explained in an interview that "After Frank, I did not write any more for eighteen months, but when I met Mark (Ronson who produced the music of the album), I wrote the album in about six months - he was such a source of inspiration."

Back To Back was released in 2006 with some great songs like Rehab or You Know I' m Not Good that we all know.

Unfortunately, the troubles started for Amy and no other album will be released. Which are the songs of Amy Whinehouse that you love the most?

I like Rehab and even more You Know I' m Not Good which is the best for me, I also like a lot Back To Black.


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