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Just For The Pleasure: Tegan And Sara

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We all know Tegan and Sara. Their style, their voices, their music do not have any equivalence and, after some notes of music, we can recognize them easily.

The twins already have more than 10 years of career so let's just listen with pleasure a mythical lesbian band.

Tegan and Sara started to play music together in high school in Canada.

In 1997, they used the studio of their school to record their first two demos: Who's in Your Band? and Play Day. The next year, The Yellow Tape, The Orange Tape and The Red Tape (the good time of tapes...) were created. The same year, they won a song contest in Calgary, their first public's recognition.

In 1999, their first album Under Feet Like Ours, that they co-produced, was released under the name of Sara and Tegan. With Hype, a song from this album, we can easily understand why they were, one year later, signed by a label, they were 17 years old.

A part of the songs of Under Feet Like Ours was recorded on Business of Art who starts with this song The First that you have to listen, specially if you don't know it! People used to say that they played folk as Tegan said in an interview with North County Times: "I always thought we were kind of a pop-rock act. I never understood the folk (label)," said Tegan.

"Listening to even This Business of Art there are so many keyboards and weird stuff on it, I just can't imagine why people called it folk. I really just don't understand. I think it's because we're female. I think people are sexist. I think because we are girls and we played acoustic guitar on that record, people called us folk. But they don't call Coldplay folk."

If It Was You will follow in 2002 with Monday ,Monday, Monday and Living Room.

In 2004, the album So Jealous was released. It's really the album that they see as their real first album:

"The first three records we made, we had low budgets, we had limited time, we had limited skills in the studio. So we did what we could,

If It Was You was definitely the first record where we moved in the direction that we wanted to go in," Tegan said, "but So Jealous to me could have easily been our first record. I think we finally entered the game in my opinion."

Back In Your Head from The Con (2007) just my favorite song of Tegan and Sara.

Recently, in 2009, they released a new album Sainthood still with amazing songs as Hell that I also like a lot but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I hope you spent a really great time listening this Just for the pleasure around Tegan and Sara. This is a band that we're following since more than 10 years with still the same pleasure I think, albums after albums and songs after songs. Tegan and Sara are also a band who follows us punctuating our lives with amazing songs.