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Monday, 11 July 2011 00:18

Just For The Pleasure: The Organ

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the organ


The Organ was a band I discovered a few years ago. Unfortunately, this band no longer exists. Although their music was great, the band's story stopped after an album that will remain a pleasure to listen to for those who love good music.

The organ members

Let's be back on a lesbian band that has endeared the sound of an organ for several years.

The band was native of Canada and began as a trio with Katie Sketch (singer), Barb and Sarah. Barb decided to stop and was replaced by Jenny (organ). The Organ was born!

Debora (guitar) and Shelby (drum) then joined the band. Other changes have also taken place then.

«The concept was, «Let's start a band where you play an instrument that you've never played before.» It was basically drunken ridiculousness, but all of a sudden I felt like life made more sense,» Katie, the singer and leader of the band, explained.

Then the band made the first parts of famous bands like Interpol. Their first album «Grab That Gun» was released in 2004.

Their music is at once dark, sad, but still, it is also dynamic. No sad songs and slow as we can imagine, but music that hits as «Brother», one of the singles from the album that you just heard in the video for «The L Word» and that's for me the best song of the band.

In 2006, the girls decide to separate and this fantastic music stops. There will be an EP, «Thieves» in 2008 with new songs. As I read in an interview with Katie, the label had planned to release an EP even though the band was over. Katie does not agree because it was their music and songs so they have agreed to do the latter. They recorded an EP, but without ever meeting.

The band was well finished, proof the organ was sold.

Katie Sketch 2

«At the end we were completely unable to communicate. We'd all become self-deprecating, we were fighting all the time... we were basically just drunk all the time. We had no time to separate, so it was like being in a bad domestic situation, all the time. [...] When you're five girls touring in really terrible circumstances, where you're all in the same van and all sleep in the same hotel room every night, and you're drinking a lot, you have a lot of really fun times, but there's always fighting, there's always something going on» and all that because «the record label, everybody, was pushing, pushing, pushing,» Katie explained in another interview.

In recent years, labels have developed the idea that if a band or a singer takes a break between albums or between tours, just a little vacation, their fans will stop listening to their music. Only the biggest crap I've ever heard, but it is the reality behind bands who decide to stop, behind singers who are depressed or who pass out during their concerts. They are simply exhausted and that's what happened to The Organ.

But we need a happy ending to this story, right?

You will discover that they have never ceased to be in music. Katie worked for a doctor, opened a bar with Jenny, but never stopped writing music, she was back with a new band in 2008. The rest of the girls have also started their own projects, as a solo artist or playing in new bands. See our article: What Happened To The Members Of «The Organ»?

Let's finish this article by this song called «Basement Band Song» (audio only, but don't miss the bridge at 3'00, this part is just beautiful).


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