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Thursday, 22 September 2011 21:46

Lady Gaga Plan To Meet With President Obama To Talk About Anti-Gay Bullying

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Lady gaga


Following the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, Lady Gaga decided to meet President Obama in order to discuss anti-gay bullying in the schools.

Jamey was a big fan of Lady Gaga, he had even said that if he remained in life it was because of the singer. Unfortunately, Jamey committed suicide writing on his blog that nobody had listened to him: "I always say how bullied I am, but no one listens. What do I have to do so people will listen to me?"

On her Twitter, Lady Gaga wrote "the past days I've spent reflecting, crying, and yelling. I have so much anger. It is hard to feel love when cruelty takes someones life."

She then added: "Bullying must become be illegal. It is a hate crime.

I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it."


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