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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 23:35

Le Tigre Is About To Release A New Song In October

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The last time the feminist electro punk band Le Tigre released a new song was in 2004, twelve years later a new single is about to be released!

It was in a conversation with Meredith Graves for Talkhouse Music Podcast that Kathleen Hanna announced that Le Tigre was back in the studio and planned to release a new song in October.

"Le Tigre just got back together in the studio–you have the scoop–for a special song that we are going to release hopefully, like, early-to-mid-October," Hanna said.

Unfortunately for fans of the riot grrrl band, it will be just one song. As Hannah said they had no plans to release a new album or tour again.

At a time now, Kathleen Hanna continued her career in the band The Julie RuinThe Julie Ruin with Kenny Mellman and Kathi Wilcox. They have also recently released a second album "Hit Reset".

As for Johanna Fateman and JD Samson, both formed the band MEN with Michael O'Neill, Tami Hart and Emily Roysdon which is defined as an electro-pop and LGBT band. Their texts are as committed to the LGBTQ rights than Le Tigre's songs.

Photo by Dusty Lombardo


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