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Saturday, 02 March 2013 03:26

The Lesbian Artist Anastasia Luna Released The Video "Tonight"

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anastasia luna


Anastasia Luna is a 24-year-old lesbian artist who just released her new video "Tonight".

anastasia luna tonight

Anastasia grew up in Russia, with a theater director mother and a musician of classic father. Soon, she is also interested in the music beginning with piano lessons. Then, when she was 17, she went to New York and it was there that she truly understood her art and began making hip-hop.

"Many people think that breakdancing is dead, it was big in the 80’s but nobody does it anymore. I believe with the right exposure it can be as big as it once was," she explains.

After working with producer Tony Lewis, inspired by different artists like James Brown, Pink Floyd, Etta James, Jamiroquai, Queen or sCommon, Anastasia decided to mix the rhythm to the melody.

Although at first she did not necessarily want to be recognized as a lesbian artist today she is very proud to have publicly made ​​her coming out.

"There is too much lying in the industry right now, everybody spreads rumors about themselves, trying to interest the audience in their fake bisexuality as opposed to their music. What I'm trying to do is be myself."

The release of her first music video "Heart Jump" was really excited the public and the LGBT community. She is now back with a new sexy music video "Tonight", watch:
Twitter: @imanastasialuna Facebook: Anastasia-Luna


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