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Tuesday, 21 February 2012 17:01

Lesbian Hit: It Does Get Better

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  the l project group

Anti-gay discriminations denounced in a song, discover It Does Get Better, the new lesbian hit!


It Does Get Better is the song which is on the top of the charts, it is besides number 11 in UK. At the origin this project called The L ProjectThe L Project, about fifteen British singers met to denounce discriminations sudden by our community and have decided to do it in music.

The singers are Georgey Payne, Horse and Emma Kavanagh of the band Greymatter, Sofia Antonia Minole, Sandra MacBeth, Amber Taylor-Groves, Mel Sanson, Nina McCann, O' Hooley & Tidow, Lorna Thomas, Leanna Goring, Juey, Jess Gardham, Amy Sutton, Nicky Mitchell and Ella Chambers.

"The artists come from all the Great Britain, with various musical influences," Sofia Antonia Milone said.

Don't hesitate to buy the song available on Itunes for £0.99 ($1,56 and 1,18 euros) available on Itunes for £0.99 ($1,56 and 1,18 euros), it is a charity song and all the money raised will help LGBT organizations which fights against anti-gay bullying like StonewallStonewall and Diversity Role ModelsDiversity Role Models.


The L Project.comThe L


photo by Katie Lamb


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