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Saturday, 24 March 2012 23:00

Lezbelib Interview With DJ Bia Bia

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dj bia bia


Bianca aka DJ Bia Bia is a complete artist. During her childhood, she started to be interested by the music and became a DJ for some parties in Florida. Besides being DJ, she also plays different instruments like keyboard and guitar. She came then in Los Angeles to start a career in the film industry. She took part in various projects and was nominated on several occasions and is currently semifinalist in the Filmmakers International Screenplay Awards. She also launched her own film production company, Eternal production LLC, and Bia Productions, an event planning, night club party-planning and promotional company while continuing to evolve as a DJ. In a few months, we could listen her first EP and its first single is about to be released.

biabia logoLezbelib: What get you to become DJ and which are your musical inspirations?

DJ Bia Bia: I have immersed myself in music from as far as I can remember. I was in a band growing up and quickly got myself a seat as first chair. From there came drums then guitar then a keyboard/synthesizer. Anything I can get my hands on really sparked an interest. Still very much does! After moving to Miami for college, I started working in the clubs in South Beach. As soon as I experienced my first really amazing DJ set at Level, now Mansion (Tiesto was throwing it down hard), I was hooked! Other than while being in Miami, when I travelled to Europe to visit my family in Italy every year, I had a keen desire to see every DJ possible perform. After Robbie Rivera brought me into the DJ booth while I was working at Crobar, I immediately bought my first set of turntables the next day, heh. Technic 1200s and a Numark Kaoss mixer. I was what you call a bedroom DJ for sometime with private parties here and there. It wasn’t until about a year and a half or so ago that I turned my hobby into a “job” perse. Don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier! I love it!

Lezbelib: You will release an album in a few months, what kind of sound we will be able to listen?

DJ Bia Bia: Right now I’m working on my first single with a fellow hot female singer/songwriter of mine set to be a viral release by the end of March/beginning of April. The EP will be out not too long afterward. Soundwise, you can expect to hear some dub, breakbeats, shifting tempos, and some extreme bass thrown in. Say tuned for your listening pleasure ;) . . .

Lezbelib: You just launch your own event and promotions company, BIA Productions, what is it and which are its futures projects?

DJ Bia Bia: Bia Productions is an event planning, night club party-planning, and promotional company based in Los Angeles, CA. The launch party was this past month February 16th at The Falcon Hollywood and had a great turn out. It was a sponsored Club Skirts "Dinah Shore Kick Off Party" with a very talented DJ line-up (including Angie Vee, Von Kiss, Cynful, and yours truly) and some sexy friends of mine from The Real L Word who came out to host. I’m very excited for the upcoming events that I have in store! All events and updated info can be found on my website

Lezbelib: You are also in the film industry. You have created a few years ago Eternal Productions, an independent film production company, you are currently one of the 10th Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards quarterfinalist for Bocce Games, can you tell us more about this other career?

DJ Bia Bia: Well, yes, I actually graduated in the Communications School for Film Production at the University of Miami which is why I came out to Los Angeles in the first place; to pursue a career in the film industry. I started out as a second assistant director on the short film "Grasshopper" starring James Franco and Rachel Miner and then went on to be first assistant director in the feature film "The Switch" starring Ethan Phillips, Jude Ciccolella, and James Morrison set to be released next near. After wrapping "The Switch", I moved into ABC studios. From there I decided to start my own production company Eternal Productions, LLC. My company’s first production was on a indie horror film "Rock Point" starring Q’orianka Kilcher from "A Brave New World". I had to putt production on hold because of actor/director availability reasons. This is when I shifted my focus to the development side of things, began screenwriting, and now we have "Bocce Games." It’s actually been gaining quite momentum in the award circuit this past year with being selected as a Fourth Round Qualifier in the Golden Brad Awards and as a Top Ten Finalist in La Femme International Film Festival. I actually just found out that "Bocce Games" as went from quarterfinalist to semifinalist this month in the Filmmakers International Screenplay Awards. Wish me luck when they announce the winners at the end of the month!

Lezbelib: A few words for our readers?

DJ Bia Bia: To sum up in a quote… "Never, never, never give up!" ---Winston Churchill

For more details:, Eternal production LLC,


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