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Lezbelib Interview With Out Singer, Songwriter, Musician Krissy Krissy

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For the release of her debut EP “Above All” and during her tour on the east coast, which finishes with a concert at the Northstar Bar in Philly, Pa on August 17th, I met the 23-years-old singer, composer and musician Krissy Krissy.

Lezbelib: You have just released your debut EP “Above All”. For those who don't know you yet, can you tell us from where you come from? Which is your story? I heard that it is a rather not very common life considering you grew in a very religious family. You were also employed to sing in a chorus and it even appears that you were kicked off of the church because you kissed a girl.

Krissy Krissy: Hi. Thank you so much for having me here. I appreciate it so much. My name is Krissy Krissy and just like every show, I'm proud to say that I'm from Brooklyn. I was raised in a church and ironically got thrown out of it. Yeah, I kissed a girl and I liked it but I don't have that crazy situation define who I am. It actually helped me realize who I am and what I really wanted to do. I went through a lot of shit in life but those scars and situations help me maneuver through life a bit easier.

Lezbelib: How would you describe your music? With which styles can we expect by listening to it?

Krissy Krissy: I want to keep making feel good/genre"less" music. I want to keep creating that endless sound that "The Beatles" have. I get told I sound like a bunch of people from Bonnie Rait to Pink.

Lezbelib: You sing much about love in your songs: the love of a father, the love that we hope for or that we feel. Is this a subject which represents you? Is this the message which you wanted to pass through this EP?

Krissy Krissy: No matter what we do, LOVE is something that surrounds us. Even from music, to death, to life, to work, to everything. I just took what I went through and created music behind the experiences. I know someone out there has gone through what I went through and the message would be that no matter what....Life goes on and you will get through.

Lezbelib: Which are the artists who left a brand in your life and which inspire to you?

Krissy Krissy: Melissa Etheridge, P!nk, and Celine Dion are really those artist that I feel created a lane for me.

Lezbelib: Which is your current playlist?

Krissy Krissy: My playlist consist of a little bit of everything. From rap to reggae, from pop to alternative. I love Spanish music! Makes me feel good inside!! Lol. All depends on my mood.

Lezbelib: I read on your website which you work on your first album, do we have to expect something of similar or will it be different from “Above All”?

Krissy Krissy: It's has a different message than Above All. Definitely had a great time creating it.

Lezbelib: Next month, you will tour with Hunter Valentine and Girl In A Coma, excited I suppose!?!

Krissy Krissy: Who wouldn't be. I'm super super eager to be out on tour and leave a little Krissy Krissy flavor in people's lives!

Lezbelib: A last word for our readers?

Krissy Krissy: This quote always inspires me and I can't leave without letting someone know about what helped me through.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." Believe it because Dreams do come true. When you believe in it.

I infinitely thank Krissy for this interview! If you don't know her yet, here is Krissy Krissy's music:

Don't miss her next concert at the Northstar Bar in Philly, PA on August 17th and the possibility of winning $1,000. Indeed, Krissy Krissy launched a competition. She will give $1,000 to the person who will post the most insane photo of her new cartoon on Instagram. See her website for more details:

Find Krissy Krissy on Facebook: and on Twitter: @KrissyKrissy1