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Sunday, 24 November 2013 23:51

Lezbelib Interview With Singer/Songwriter/Musician Rachael Ward

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Rachael Ward


Some artists have like a magic power. They stop time and transport us in another world. They sing and one can only listen to them. Rachael Ward is one of these artists. Her voice, full with folk, and her music, involve us in another universe like with her song “Sugar” from her album “B Sides - Where Lovers Meet”.

Through an interview, I propose to meet Rachael Ward, to learn more about this musician, singer and composer of talent, to discover her music, her album “B Sides - Where Lovers Meet” just released, her inspirations and her future plans.

Meeting with Rachael Ward, a folk artist from the south of the United States:

Lezbelib: We just discovered your music, your voice, but who are you? I read for example that you grew in the south of the United States (Georgia), did can you tell us your musical course? How did you become the artist who you are today?

Rachael: My musical career is really a humbling side bar to my actual life. I've always written songs and played music. It wasn't until college (2006) that I began really playing live and recording. Believe it or not, Where Lovers Meet (the album that B sides spawned from) was my first release of originals. That's a lot of writing before really letting lose my sound into the world. This probably flows into becoming the artist I am today, a lot.

I didn't actually "come out" until my junior year of college and so my music really stayed just as hidden. It was a really big struggle to write songs that I thought were "OK" for people to listen to. I can thank a lot of ex girlfriends for fueling the fire to be honest, drop the mask and just write music.

I started the project Where Lovers Meet two years ago. It was an album really that I wrote while getting over this horrendous thing I thought was a life ender of a break up. I started writing like a mad woman and dropping tracks here and there for people to listen to on SoundCloud. From there, I realized that people really, especially "family" needed and wanted that voice to connect with and to have music that was real, honest and raw. Every song on that album and B sides is my life story and it's been the most rewarding project. I've gained friends and listeners from all over the world. That in itself is wild when you're talking about releasing an album via internet based only. And my music really is internet based only.

I play shows when I can and I'll play wherever really, I just love playing.

Lezbelib: How would you describe your musical style?

Rachael: Uhm musical style varies - a lot. I write mainly in this singer-songwriter acoustic Indie field but I also record and collaborate with EDM producers all over the world. ( KR$CHN, Oliver Price, Female - to name a few)

B Sides Where Lovers Meet

Lezbelib: We can listen/watch a lot of covers on your YouTube channel, is this a way for you to try to increase in visibility, or to just sing songs you like for fun?

Rachael: YouTube was really about just having fun and then it became a visibility feature. I took a trip to L.A. last summer to kinda have this "self discover" experience and I raised all $900 for the trip via YouTuber support. The movement was real and it fueled my fire to finish my album.

Lezbelib: A few days ago, you released your album “B Sides - Where Lovers Meet', how did you composed it? Which is the story of this album?

Rachael: I produced the album myself, including B Sides. Everything was done in one take with hours of mastering put behind it. I think I mainly explained above what these two albums really mean. The story is just of love, lust, heartache and dealing with life in general. It was a journey for me to be better than where I started and I wanted to share it because ultimately I wanted to help someone else in return. I also wanted to be open in my music about my sexuality. I don't sugar coat it. Her, she, sexual gestures, ha - you name it - it's in my music. We live in a day and age of so many beautiful steps towards equality and I just want to be one more person on this planet that says it's ok to be who you are and want to be.

Lezbelib: From which do you draw your inspiration?

Rachael: Inspiration comes from my life and those who surround me. My heart pretty much fuels that. If I'm in love, you'll hear about it. If I'm hurting, you'll hear about it. Honesty is really the policy for me.

Lezbelib: Which are your future plans? Will there be a tour?

Rachael: My future plans with music is to get an EDM album out in the next year. I have a release with a label coming for an EP with my friend and producer KR$CHN in December that I'm super excited about. It will be featured on iTunes and most major downloading sites. I also want to get into a real studio to put out another album and that I'm currently working on already. (All of this I have to do and maintain my current job, which is in Journalism.) I am a journalist by day, musician at night. It's a crazy lifestyle, but it works for me.

As far as a tour goes - I really want to get into the Atlanta scene. I have a few good friends who are living there currently. Hannah Thomas is a wonderful folk/country artist who is worth a listen. She's been featured in Curve, GA Voice and many more lesbian magazines. I need to take a note or two from her. But there isn't anything planned on the horizon but you never know - I could make it happen.

Take the time to listen to the music of Rachael Ward and to buy her CD, it is what people call good music:

She is also on Twitter: @RachaelWMusic and on Facebook:


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