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Saturday, 26 March 2011 23:00

Lykke Li: A Musical Discovery

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A few years ago I stopped listening to the radio wearied to always hear the same songs every hour. I went to discover other musics, other artists, I read music magazines which write about artists that we never hear on the radio and I discovered incredible songs.

The discovery of a voice, of a melody, of a rhythm,… the simple but magic pleasure of the music. This week, I stopped on an artist with a very particular musical sound, Lykke Li.

lykke Li 2

After a first album Youth Novels released in 2008, Lykke Li came back with a second album Wounded Rhymes with a very heavy sound, very present and characteristic of a music coming from Scandinavia, Sweden.

This new album emphasizes an artist having many musical influences. She sometimes surfs with electro, almost tribal, in a track as "Get Some" or with some folk with a little touch of soul when the rhythmic disappears to let the place to a guitar-voice on "I Know Places". This ballad is actually for me the best song of the album, it really brings some air at the rest.

My + : I like the variety of styles, the heavy sound, these little part of electro drum added on the music, this splendid song "I Know Places", the good dynamic of "I Follow Rivers".

My - : this heavy sound, that I however appreciate, seems too present throughout the album and after listening several tracks that get down, I regret the absence of one or two other songs like "I Know Places" to breathe a little bit more.

To conclude, I think Lykke Li is an artist to be discovered and who could be appreciated by little touches. I recommend the songs "I Know Places" of course but also "Get Some" and "Jerome". Here for you the possibility of discovering Wounded Rhymes, don't hesitate to vote and share your impressions about this artist.

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (Hype Machine Album Exclusive) by LykkeLi

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